All of our rehearsal space locations offer instrument / equipment rentals for in-house use by our hourly or monthly rehearsal space clients. In case you forget something we have everything you need for your convenience. Why waste time in our music studio rental spaces while you go back to get equipment you forgot? We know your time is important and that is why we offer a full line up of gear that you can book with your music studio rental and start your jam session right away. Please call us at 1-877-366-1525 or book online to reserve your instrument or equipment rentals.

Available music studio rental instruments include:
  • Electric Guitars – $5/hour
    (such as an Epiphone SG or Les Paul, Fender / Squier Stratocaster or Jaguar, depending on location and availability)
  • Electric Basses – $5/hour
    (such as a Fender/Squier P-bass, Jazz bass or Jaguar, an Epiphone or Musicman bass, depending on location and availability).
  • Keyboards – $5/hour
    (such as a Yamaha P-95 or P-105 weighted 88-key digital piano, depending on location and availability)
  • Double Kick Pedals – $5/hour
    (such as Iron Cobra, DW, etc.., depending on location and availability)
Available equipment includes:
  • Extra mics – $5/rehearsal
    (usually a Shure SM58)
  • Extra guitar amps – $5/hour
    (such as Marshall, Mesa, Orange, Engl, Fender or Vox, depending on location and availability)
  • Extra crash cymbals – $5/hour
    (All cymbals are Sabian)

Let us take care of all your rehearsal space needs! We have you covered whatever your needs may be when you book a music studio rental with Rehearsal Factory.